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About Us

Hello, so nice to see you! 

I'm Jen and I'm a born and raised, coffee drinking, Anne of Green Gables loving, Islander!

PEI Coffee Company is proud to offer you PEI small batch, hand crafted coffee and tea. Both the coffee and tea creating is artisanal as our PEI master roaster of 25 years, perfectly roasts each batch by instinct and our PEI tea sommelier and blender has created tea blends that are so pleasing. 

We have special beans just for you. They come from a 2nd generation Montreal family of importers and roasters who have direct relationships with the farmers who grew your coffee beans. No big corporations involved; just small family businesses like our PEI Coffee Company. The coffee beans are organic, grown sustainably, support the Humaniterra Foundation and are exclusive to us!

My husband and I live in Charlottetown with our two young girls and two dogs. I created this business with the support of my husband, the bustling PEI business community and with the watchful eyes of our girls as they play "PEI Coffee Company" all the time :) 

Thank you for shopping and enjoy!

✌❤☕ Jen Vandermaar